Book Review

Book Review: Felicity


Author: Mary Oliver

Genre: Poetry

I stumbled across Felicity in my search for a good love poem collection. Reviews and acclaim stated that the collection captured the grace of the natural world and opens our eyes ‘to the territory of our own hearts’. Intrigued, I thought I’d take a chance on the award-winning author, Mary Oliver.

The collection was much shorter than I expected (I should pay closer attention to page count on Amazon) and is divided into three sections: The Journey, Love, and Felicity.

Of the 38 poems, only 8 resonated with me (all but two coming from the Love section). I’ve listed the titles of my favorites below. The poems were brief and natural, the first-person musings of a carefree, old soul.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed because I was highly anticipating the read. I hoped that I would enjoy more of the collection. I was going to purchase additional Oliver collections; however, I am glad that I held off. I don’t know if she is the poet for me, but I appreciate her work and see the appeal it has to others.  

My favorite poems from the collection:

  • Do the Trees Speak?
  • Meadowlark
  • I Did Think, Let’s Go About This Slowly
  • This and That
  • How Do I Love You?
  • What This is Not
  • Except for the Body
  • Not Anyone Who Says

Rating: 3/5

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