Book Review

Book Review: The Simple Wild

The Simple Wild

Written By: K.A. Tucker

Genre: Romance

I wasn’t sure about The Simple Wild when I first cracked the spine and was introduced to the heroine, Calla Fletcher. I found it hard to relate to the high maintenance, spoiled, wealthy, white fashion blogger and her Toronto club hopping ways. However, once her plane landed in Alaska and I discovered her love interest was as annoyed by her as I was, the book took a turn for the better (and Calla grew on me, eventually).

In this heartfelt story, Calla journeys to a remote town in Alaska to visit her estranged father, airline operator Wren Fletcher, after his health takes a turn for the worse. In the process, an enemies-to-lovers romance sparks between her and her dad’s right-hand man, Jonah.

Jonah, the lead pilot at Alaska Wild, is the best part about the book (well…him and the friendly, wholesome Alaska natives that add culture and character to the book…and the Alaska wilderness…and Wren Fletcher). Although he seems to be (and is often referred to as) a huge dick/a**hole/jerk, he actually has a heart of gold and an insanely handsome face/body hiding under his yeti beard and baggy clothes. He doesn’t put up with Calla’s crap and she doesn’t put up with his.

The hate-hate turned love-hate turned love-love relationship crescendos when Jonah and Calla end up alone in a cabin in the Alaska wilderness. The crazy hot and romantic scenes detail their overnight stay as they wait for the weather to clear. Need I say more?

As Wren’s health worsens and the relationship he and Calla’s mother had finally comes full circle, I can ensure you will cry. Seriously, Chapter 25 will have you bawling.  

In the end, I really enjoyed the book. Although Calla is still not my favorite heroine, the relationships she had with her father and Jonah were beautifully written by Tucker. Anyone who is a fan of enemy-to-lover romance or the beauty of rural wilderness will enjoy this novel.

**It looks like there are two more books in the series! Will I read them? Sure, why not! Are they next on my list? No, but maybe next year**

Rating: 4/5

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