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Beating Goal Fatigue

It is that time of year…

Have you ever suffered from goal fatigue? It is always around this time of year that my eyes and mind start wandering. The goalsetting gusto I had in January starts to fade and I begin thinking about the goals and planners I want next year. *Insert planner girl sigh here.*

As an avid goal setter and annual planner, I wondered what might be causing this goal fatigue. Why do I start thinking about the year ahead before I have completed my current goals? In this post, I identified some of the possible causes of goal fatigue. I also list some solutions that can help you beat goal fatigue once and for all!

What causes goal fatigue?


For annual planners, the start of autumn is an indication that the end of the current goal window is approaching. New Year’s resolutions set in January should be wrapping up in the new few months. Even though you’re proud of the valuable progress you have made so far, goals may not feel as sparkly and exciting after they have been your focus for the past 9 months. You may have even completed several of your yearly goals already, leaving yourself daydreaming about next steps.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say you have become bored with your goals…if you’ve chosen the right ones, they are still important to you. However, you may have become comfortable with your current goals. You’ve found your flow, been working on them awhile now, and know exactly how you’ll complete them by the end of year. There are pros and cons to this comfortability. On the positive end, you are on track to accomplish what you set out to do. On the other hand, you may feel a bit of goal fatigue and yearn for some big, new, scary goals that will help you take the next step.

Planner Launch Season

In addition to comfortability, you have a million planner launches to worry about. Fall is planner launch season for many stationary companies. Ads promoting new planner collections are everywhere—they might as well be tattooed on your eyelids! There is no escape from the sneak peeks, cover reveals, and new product buzz across all social media platforms. Now, it is a known fact that consumerism has been flagged as an issue in the planner community for some time, but that is a problem for another post. It is, however, worth mentioning, that seeing beautiful new products online can have you forgetting your current planner and clicking ‘add to cart’ just like *snap* that.

How can you beat goal fatigue?

Don’t Fight Yourself

I recently discovered the best way to beat goal fatigue: don’t fight your ideas! That’s right. If you find yourself thinking of possible goals for 2022, grab a pen and start jotting down your ideas. Thinking ahead is not a distraction. Rather, it can help you make valuable connections between the hard work you put in this year and the things you want to do next.  This can in turn add some fuel to your tank when it comes to wrapping up the calendar year.

Quarterly Refreshes

Doing a quarterly refresh with your goals will help you keep them updated, relevant, and exciting. You may choose to add goals to your list during these refreshes or edit existing goals as you hone in on what truly matters. Either way, allowing yourself to make necessary adjustments along the way can keep you dialed in on the present.

Did someone say, ‘no spend’?

You may think it is unrealistic to have a ‘no spend’ during launch season, but hear me out! New products are not the cure to goal fatigue. It is easy to let excitement get the better of you when new products are released by your favorite brands; however, waiting until November or December to purchase your planner may be the best option. Before purchasing a planner, it is important to ensure that it will effectively meet all your needs. How do you know what your needs are if you have yet to reflect on the current year?  For example, if you struggled tracking your 2021 fitness goals using a bullet journal, a more structured hourly planner may turn out to be a more suitable choice. Avoid ordering products you may not need to fill a void that a good goal refresh or brainstorming session could rectify.

End the year strong

There is no denying that an autumn lull often precedes the excitement of new year goal setting. This goal fatigue is common, but it shouldn’t stop you from ending the year strong! Refresh your current goals, ensure that you are still on track to reach them, and have fun brainstorming your next steps. Think about the planners and tools that will get you where you want to be next year, but if you have any hesitation, hold off on buying them just yet. You may decide to make a change!

I hope you found this post helpful! Do you have any other tips and tricks for beating goal fatigue? Share them with me on Instagram @cristalvictoria.

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