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CVC Goal Setting Workshop Pt. 1: Vision

Goal Setting Workshop Pt. 1: Vision

Many people set goals, but are they setting the right goals? The first workshop in the Cristal Victoria Consulting (CVC) series is Goal Setting Part 1: Vision Workshop. This workshop guides individuals in setting SMART end goals that are personalized to get them where they want to be.

My Reality

The workshop begins by looking into the past. The My Reality activities encourage individuals to celebrate their past achievements and identify the action steps that led them to these successes. This practice unveils positive patterns in behavior that will prove helpful when creating end goals later in the workshop. Next, individuals rate each component of their life from 1-10 with the Lifestyle Evaluation tool. This tool includes the following categories:

Career & Professional DevelopmentSpiritual & Personal Development
Romantic Relationship(s)Friends & Family
Health & WellnessWealth & Finances
Home or Physical SpaceJoy & Recreation

By rating each category separately, one can easily identify the aspects of their life that need the most tending.  The lowest rated categories may be flagged as areas of improvement when writing end goals. Conversely, highly rated categories could be a point if interest for those who want to keep the momentum going in their strongest areas.

My Legacy

After looking into the past, the Vision Workshop focuses on the distant future. What legacy do you want to leave behind? How do you want to be remembered? What do you want your biggest achievements in life to be? These are some of the questions explored in the My Legacy portion of the workshop. Individuals visualize the final chapters of their life and analyze overarching themes that surface in the process. These themes are used to link the past and present with the future when writing end goals.

My Destiny

Finally, the Vision Workshop turns to the present. Inspired by the Japanese concept of Ikigai, having a direction or purpose in life, the final component of the workshop introduces the Destiny Map tool. The Destiny Map helps individuals find connections between their strengths and passions. Once these connections are made, individuals use their Destiny Map, Lifestyle Evaluation, and other tools to create SMART end goals that exciting, focused, and rooted in what matters most.

Cristal Victoria Consulting workshops are coming to Southern Nevada in August 2021, with virtual workshops to follow. Want to reach your end goal with CVC? Follow @cristalvictoria on Instagram for more tips and tricks and stay tuned for CVC digital download bundles—including all the tools mentioned here– on sale this fall at

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