About the Author: Cristal Victoria

1. My author bio on the cover of Escapades says I will sign books for cheesecake or washi tape. This is completely true. 🍰

2. I started writing Escapades for a workshop called “First Chapter” at Columbia University (my undergrad alma mater). ✍🏾

3. When I read, I ‘dog ear’ pages instead of using a bookmark! 😱 Horrid, I know!

4.One of my favorite classes in college was Script Analysis, where I wrote a 50 page analysis on Disney’s The Princess & the Frog and received 100% 🐸

5. The first book I remember reading solo cover-to-cover was Dr. Seuss’ Go Dog, Go! I remember being proud I read a big kid book. 📚

6. In college, I’d show up to class early 99% of the time and write in a journal until class started. I filled several journals. 📖

7. Escapades was handwritten before it was typed. What can I say?..I’m a paper and pen kinda girl! 🖋

8. I do not write my novels in order 🤷🏾‍♀️ I write in scenes, not chapters, then piece the story together with an outline as I go.

9. My favorite book series growing up were all journal inspired. I feel my planning, journaling, and scrapbooking today is due to my love of ‘Amelia’s Notebook‘ (I still have my original copies in my library!) 📓

10. Borders Bookstore was my favorite place to go with my mom when I was little. I miss it dearly. 📚

Escapades: A Novel
Author: Cristal Victoria
Paperback Available November 21st!
Pre-Order the E-book on Amazon today.

Author Cristal Victoria. Photo: Faith Taylor Photography

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