Escapades: Coming Soon!

“Please! You’re young, smart, gorgeous, and a crazy good cook.”


“Whatever. One day you’ll find someone, and you will give him your necklace, and he’ll be stoked, and you’ll have lots of sex and go on escapades and live happily ever after.”

Seb and Dawn, Escapades (ch. 2)

I’m am over the moon excited to announce that Escapades will be available on Amazon for purchase this November! But first, I have some exciting things in store. Be sure to like @cristalvictoriabooks on Facebook, follow @cristalvictoria on Instagram, and sign up for email reminders at to not miss out on any of these important dates. It is time to C E L E B R A T E !

Pre-order Escapades on – September 25th

October Newsletter released – October 1st

November Newsletter released – November 1st

Virtual Book Launch Party & Escapades release – November 21st

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